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      Project CARS Keyboard Shortcuts

      Below’s a list of all keyboard shortcuts available in Project CARS.

      The list gets updated whenever new shortcuts are being added.

      Ctrl-I: AI control of player car.
      Ctrl-T: switch to trackside cameras. Once in this mode + and – cycle through the cams.
      [ ]: decrease/increase FOV.
      F1: display developer menu.
      BACKSPACE: goes back a level in F1 menu.
      Ctrl-P: cycle to next post processing filter.
      Ctrl-Shift-P: switch post processing filters off.
      Ctrl-F: free camera.
      Ctrl-S: display FPS.
      W,A,S,D: move seat
      TAB: cycle lap info
      Ctrl-+ & – (Numpad): Full damage/repair damage of car
      Alt-+ & – (Numpad): Full damage/repair damage of all cars
      shift-alt-H: toggle dirt build-up on cars
      ctrl+shift+L: to toggle driving line
      F12: take a TGA screenshot (TGA because it has no compression artifacts)
      ctrl-F12: take a JPG screenshot

      Freecam (CTRL + F)
      Left mouse button + mouse movement: change camera direction
      D: right
      A: left
      W: forward
      S: backward

      PgUp: up
      PgDn: down

      F: Toggle Controller bar HUD
      CTRL+Shift+F: go to Controller Freecam
      R: Change Car View.
      CTRL+PGUP/PGDN: Change Car
      CTRL+T: TV Cam mode
      NumPad +\- : ZoomIn ZoomOut
      Enter : Slowmotion (during live race)
      P: Freeze/pause (only working on live race)
      I:fast forward
      J:Rewind to the begining of the replay
      Tild: debug menu (Actually conflict a lot with onscreen menu keys like Enter key)
      Shift/CTRL: Speed modifiers.

      Build 396 and up:
      Y/H: camera up/down
      Q/E: camera movement speed
      Z/C: roll camera left/right
      CTRL + M: mouse smoothing on/off
      NumPad 0: mouse speed scaling (turn rate proportional to square root of movement speed)

      Numpad key actions continue working when ctrl or shift is pressed.

      Camera Edit Mode (Build 159+)
      To enter the mode you press Ctrl-K.
      Then the following keys become active:

      Numpad 2: increase pitch
      Numpad 3: switch lights on/off
      Numpad 8: decrease pitch
      Numpad 4: increase yaw
      Numpad 6: decrease yaw
      Numpad 7: increase radius
      Numpad 9: decrease radius
      Numpad 1: increase roll
      Numpad 3: decrease roll
      Numpad -: increase FOV
      Numpad +: decrease FOV
      D: forward
      A: backward
      W: up
      S: down
      Q: left
      E: right
      SHIFT key in combination with any of the above: slow down camera movement
      Numpad 5: reset to original settings for current camera

      save/load of attached camera state:
      Ctrl + F11 – save camera state to current slot
      F11- load camera state from current slot
      Alt + F11 – move to next slot (wrap to first slot when on last one) and load camera state
      Shift + F11 – move to previous slot (wrap to last slot when on first one) and load camera state

      There are 100 slots available (0 to 99). Current slot can be displayed on HUD instead of Laptime, by pressing Alt+K three times. Individual slots are stored in:

      [User’s Documents]\CARS\cameras\camera_[slot].dat (e.g. camera_42.dat)

      Known issues/limitations:
      – only cameras attached to vehicle are supported
      – helmet cam is not loaded correctly

      Custom DOF mode:

      F3: on/off
      F4: reset

      Focus plane distance:
      F5: decrease
      F6: increase

      Sharp field depth:
      F7: decrease
      F8: increase

      Transit to blur depth:
      Shift + F7: decrease
      Shift + F8: increase

      Shift + F5: decrease


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